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Fandom: Advent Children Final Fantasy VII
Title: Old Flame
Author: shadow_icia
Theme: 20. Never leave me again
Pairing: Cloud x Reno
Rating: N-17 for language and sex
Disclaimer: I don’t own them. All rights go to S.E
Summary: Rufus orders Reno to try and convince Cloud to rejoin ShinRa, but what happens when old feelings interfere with Reno’s order and memories of the past take over?

AN: Sorry, sorta rushed this theme. I got alot of things to write, and I was in the middle of this before my friend requested a fic from me. Hope you like it, anyways.

Reno stood by the doorway, staring hard at the crappy handmade sign that hung from it.

Strife’s Delivery Service
Want something delivered then give me a call, but I’m not cheap.

Reno felt his lips curl into a grin. Reeve was right. How the hell did Cloud stay in business with such a “friendly” advertisement like that.

Reno looked at his watch before he placed his hand on the doorknob.
It was 10:00 pm. He had figured Cloud would’ve gone home by now, but the blond’s bike was still parked outside, and the lights inside the little business were still on.

The Turk took a deep breath, as he recalled what Rufus had said to him earlier.

“Do whatever it takes, Reno. We need Cloud Strife in our plans to rebuild ShinRa. I would send Rude or Tseng, but both are accompanying to other tasks. And Elena…Well-” Rufus tapped his fingers against the wheelchair he was sitting on. “You understand her feelings towards Cloud. She still believes he put harm to Tseng.”

Reno knew this wasn’t going to be any easy task. But what he hated the most about having to do this mission, was having to do it alone.

Sure, he had dealt with many missions alone, but Cloud-

There was something about Cloud he had kept from everyone, even Rude- a past he wanted to forget, but yet somewhere inside the corridors of his mind it would linger.

He was sure Cloud still remembered of their past, but chose to forget about it.

Damn… if only he could so easily. He would try, but those memories would always be there. They had made it so hard to follow his orders two years ago when he was ordered to kill Cloud. He just could never fully bring himself to do it, always trying to look for reasons not to fight the blond warrior.

It was just going to be strange to be alone face to face with someone you once/maybe still care about…

Rude had always been next to him when he had been around Cloud.

But this time there’s no Rude…

Reno turned the knob, hearing the door creak open and stepped inside the small business. He closed the door behind him almost with a slam, wanting his presence to be known.

“I’m closed!” the familiar voice that belonged to Cloud Strife called out from the other room.

Reno walked in the direction that Cloud’s voice had come from. He peeked his head inside the half opened door to see Cloud sitting by a desk, sorting through a bunch of scattered papers.

“Didn’t think you were so sloppy, Strife.”

Cloud quickly turned his head to see Reno by the door. His eyes narrowed by Reno’s sudden presence. “I said I was closed.”

Reno gripped onto the handle of his EMR and tapped it against his shoulder. “I know, but I gotta talk to you.”

The redhead swept his eyes across the small office, catching the photo that was placed inside a wooden frame on the shelf by the desk. It was a picture of Cloud beside someone he had known-and had known well.


“What is it?” Cloud asked, his voice sounding as annoyed as the glare in his mako eyes.

Reno walked over to the picture, and picked it up. Cloud immediately rose to his feet and yanked the picture from Reno’s hands.

“Don’t touch my stuff,” the blond hissed and placed the picture inside his desk.

Reno stared at his hand for a moment where the picture had been ripped from, finding his mind recapping his past with Cloud.

Cloud swallowed hard, as he shifted on the bed, staring at the nude redhead leaning over of him. “Reno… I’ve never done this before…” the young blond teenager stated, nervously.

Reno tapped Cloud’s cheek, giving his sweet innocent looking boyfriend a grin.
“I know, Babe. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle. I promise.”

How Cloud had changed…. He used to be so cute and submissive before towards him. Now he was-

“I asked you what you wanted, Reno.” Cloud repeated and started to stack the papers quickly on his desk. “So hurry up, and make it quick. I’m about to head home…” the blond muttered.

“You still keep pictures of Zack, huh.”

Cloud glanced over at Reno.

Reno released the EMR from his grip, allowing it to slip down and swing lightly back and forth off the bracelet it was connected to.

“Guess I’m jus’ a piece of shit to have a picture of…” Reno grumbled, finding his old feelings from his past release and his mind slipping away from the true intensions to why he was here.

He had never gotten a chance to tell Cloud before how he really felt about what had happened with them.

They had never been alone.

“What the hell are you talking about…?” Cloud asked low.

“Don’t give me that fucking bullshit, Cloud--We’re alone right now! You can admit it. You fucking remember us. What we use to have! Son of a bitch, I-”

Reno took a deep breath to calm himself down. Where the fuck was all this sudden rage coming from?

“…Ah fuck it- That’s not why I’m here…Look…” Reno shifted his eyes towards Cloud who looked shocked by his sudden outburst. “…Rufus wants you to rejoin Shinra. C’mon Cloud, think of the frigging pay checks you’ll get …” Reno found his eyes trailing towards the floor, not wanting to look at Cloud.

How fucking humiliating. This was already uncomfortable to start, but no, his damn big mouth had to make it worse!

“What? Why the fuck are you looking at me like that?”

Cloud took a step towards Reno, placing his glove hand on Reno’s shoulder.

Reno glanced over at Cloud, but he did not jerk his arm away.

“…You remember me?” Cloud’s voice almost sounded shocked to Reno, as if the blond couldn’t really believe that he did.

Reno’s eyes narrowed to the question. How fucking stupid was Cloud, really? How the hell could he forget something like that.

“Of course I fucking remember!” Reno snapped, appearing to be upset to Cloud. “…How the fuck could I forget that fucking shit. I was your friggin’ first.”

Cloud slipped his hand away from Reno’s shoulder, playing with his bangs. It was something he would do when he would feel uncomfortable or shy about a situation.

“Then why? Why did you attack me two years ago?.... I know it was your orders, but-” Cloud shook his head to his question. This was stupid and pointless. It was years ago…
He was just a kid back then.

“Forget it… I just didn’t think you would remember- or care.”

Reno took a moment to speak up. He hopped on the desk, crossing a leg over the other and picked up one of the pens by the mess of papers. “Of course I care,” the Turk hadn’t noticed he had said it in present tense. He played with the pen, tapping it against his knee. “Anyways…Cloud, Rufus-”

Reno’s eyes widened, as Cloud suddenly leaned over him and kissed him.

What the fuck! Reno was too shocked to move as he felt those tender lips against his.

“Care…?” Cloud whispered against the Turk’s lips.

Reno’s eyes remained wide, as he felt Cloud’s hand rub his hip. Damn, who thought Cloud Strife //the shy little boy he had known//- would grow up to be the one DOMINATING him.

The pen in Reno’s hand slipped, hitting against the wooden floor.
“Wh-What the fuck are you doing?” Reno finally asked, as he pulled away from Cloud’s lips.

Cloud was so fucking messed up.

Just when you thought you had this man figured out, he would go off and do some damn fooled thing. It was just like Cid would say.

Cloud took a step back, looking suddenly embarrassed. “You said you still care…”
The blond played with his bangs. “…Reno, I’ve thought about you. I just didn’t think you cared… you-Zack-me…”

“Yah, I can really fucking tell you’ve been “thinkin’” about me, Strife,” Reno said with a cocky ring in his voice, “I could tell when yah lock me out of rooms, and put me in the E.R back then two years ago.”

Cloud’s eyes narrowed. “You attacked me. I had to do what the hell I had to do. You were trying to kill me.”

Reno leaned towards the blond, making sure to get right into the blond’s face.
The glare in his eyes was as cold like ice and his voice was a creepy whisper like winds against creaky wooden shutters in a night storm.

“That still got nothing to do with lockin’ me outta rooms.”

Reno’s eyes shifted to the side. Why the hell were they arguing about this? This wasn’t why he had come here. He was here to try and convince Cloud to rejoin ShinRa.

Reno glanced out the window, staring at the night sky.
“So, you gonna give ShinRa a try again?” Reno asked sudden, wanting to just drop the topic that was causing him to feel old emotions towards the blond he wished not to feel.

Glove hands pressed against the Turk’s face, making Reno turn to look at him.
“Reno… there’s reasons I act like that… I-”

Cloud paused, unsure what to say for a moment.

“I still care about you….alot… you and Zack… I guess…” Cloud shook his head as his mako eyes softened. He feared- He feared to get close with someone he loved. It had been programmed. Everyone he had cared for so much had left him, but Tifa and Barret.
It was just better to push aside people you loved. That way no one gets hurt…

“I fear if I get close to you, again…something may-” Cloud took a deep breath. He was just going to tell Reno. “I still care… I think about us and what we had back then...I never held a grudge against what you did two years ago… I knew you really didn’t want to. I saw it in your eyes- It just hurt me.”

Reno’s mouth literally dropped open as he sat on the desk looking completely shocked.
Holy fuck! Did Cloud just say that?!

“Mother Fucker…” Reno muttered, as a smile crept across his lips.

All those old feelings were back at the moment….but then; they were never truly gone, just hidden away inside. But things were different this time… Cloud was no sweet little child anymore.

Cloud shifted his feet; suddenly feeling embarrassed what he had said. His eyes glanced down to his boots before he tilted his head slightly, looking at Reno. “..What?” he asked low.

Reno was grinning. He grabbed Cloud by the collar of his sweater and pulled the blond towards him in a kiss. It didn’t take Cloud long to react as he slammed Reno roughly back against the desk, and started to unfasten the Turk’s belt.

Papers flew in the air.

“Fuck…” Reno rasped against the blond’s lips, and raised his ass off the desk, helping Cloud to remove his pants before he started to undo the blond’s belt.

Reno twisted his body, crawling back on the desk so his frame was firmly resting against it.

“Let's fuck,” he demanded to Cloud, and wrapped his legs around Cloud’s waist, feeling his socks brush against Cloud’s ass that was slightly revealed from his pants drooped down enough to free his cock.

Cloud released a moan from his parted lips; as he rubbed his harden erection against the Turk’s.

Reno slipped his hands up the side of Cloud’s top, grabbing the blond’s hips, as he started to rock up against Cloud’s body. “Fuck…, take them pants off…” the redhead rasped, and watched Cloud lean over towards the floor where the handcream that was on the desk had fell.

Cloud picked up the handcream, placing it in his mouth as he removed his gloves, and tossed them on to the floor.

“.. They stay on,” he muttered as he flicked open the small hand size tube. He didn’t feel comfortable with them completely removed.

“Why? Fuck, I got mine off,” Reno said, while he watched Cloud squeeze the handcream in his hand.

“Okay, and why do you have handcream anyways at work?” Reno asked, giving the blond a strange look as his darken eyebrow that revealed his natural hair color arched.

Cloud hurled the tube of cream over his shoulder and wedged himself more between the redheads spread legs. He could recall Reno always being one that never could shut up.

He wondered if the Turk was still a gossiper.

“Does it matter…” Cloud mumbled, becoming annoyed by all Reno’s talking. He just wanted to get laid, and Reno wasn’t shutting up. But in a sense, he was finding it cute as well. He had really missed the redhead.

It had been over eight years…

“Well, it’s fuckin’ strange.” Reno suddenly gasped, as he felt the blond slip two fingers into his ass. “Damnit,” he growled low in his throat, as his hands trailed up Cloud’s top, caressing rippled abs.

Cloud never had those muscles before, he thought, arching his body up to drive the blond’s fingers deeper inside him. Cloud used to be a stick figure, like a carrot with some toothpicks jammed in him for arms and feet.

“You should fucking give a guy a warning, huh…” Reno rasped against the blond’s lips as he looked up into blinking mako eyes that held still innocents in their gaze.

Cloud didn’t say anything to the Turk, crushing his lips against Reno’s. Maybe this would shut up the redhead for awhile.

Reno moaned, as he started to rock his body against Cloud’s fingers deep inside his tight ass. The feel of the blond’s fingers rubbing against his tight warm walls- oh damn, those lips pressed against his. This was the man that had saved the world- This was a man that people feared. Cloud was the only human on earth that could defeat Sephiroth- and Cloud- he was a person he cared greatly for.

What a fucking rush- that rush a schoolgirl would get around her crush.

Cloud wiggled his fingers around the tight warmth of Reno’s body, he glanced down as he watched Reno unzip his top and shift his body so the Turk had his mouth latched around his nipple.

Cloud moaned, gripping onto the Turk’s hair, as he worked his fingers inside the Turk’s ass while Reno teased the tip of his tongue around his nipple.

Reno growled a curse word as he felt the blond tug roughly at his hair.
“Fuck, that’s connected to my head you know.”

Reno’s eyes abruptly widened, as he felt Cloud quickly slip his fingers out of him and the head of the blond’s cock pressed against his entrance.

“Hey, Strife, wait- this is fun and all, but not really sure I’m cool with the idea of bein’ fucked.” Reno stated, sudden. He was never really keen on being submissive in intercourse, getting a sudden change of heart.
Making out, being fingered, all that was fine and fucking dandy. But-

Reno gasped out, flicking his head back against the desk, as Cloud thrust his cock inside him with out no warning.
“Holy fuck,” Reno hissed, as he slid his body up so his lips were by the blond’s, “Could’ve warned me….” he said in a long breath against Cloud’s lips. So much about not being sure he wanted to be submissive.

Oh well, there was no sense in bickering about it now. It burned him, as he felt the blond’s manhood stretching his tightness to fit, and yet the feeling of Cloud inside him, was also damn sweet.

“Damn, Reno,…you’re so tight…” Cloud moaned, gritting his teeth slightly and gripped onto the Turk’s ass cheek, squeezing it against his palm. “It’s been so long…” the blond whispered against Reno’s ear, before he locked his lips with the redhead’s.

Reno followed Cloud’s kiss, trying to hold some domination in it, as he felt his body press harder against the desk by the blond’s frame pushing against him hard as he started to thrust his hips and slam his cock inside him.

The pain was quick to wash away.

Reno rolled his hips, gripping onto Cloud’s hips and helped the warrior to slam inside his body. “Shit, shit, oh yes, fuck…” the redhead panted over Cloud’s body hitting against his. “Mmm… damn Strife…harder!”

Cloud slammed his cock harder into the redhead’s ass like the Turk had so hotly requested, causing the desk to slam up against the wall every thrust he would give into the redhead. He had failed to notice, that the edge of the desk slamming against the wall, was causing the interior to chip away, and create a hole.

Reno flicked his head back against the desk, bucking his hips upwards against Cloud’s body; as he started to cry out every profanity word known to man.

Reno’s moaning swears was really notching up a gauge in Cloud’s confidents level.

The old couple //approximately ages to be in the sixties// that was suddenly walking past Strife’s Delivery Service, could hear the redhead’s swearing, making them cover their ears with their mouths dropped wide open.

Holy Ifrit, Reno was loud, but it was so damn hot to Cloud.

“Fuck… Babe, you grew up…” Reno panted against the blond’s lips, before he rimmed his tongue between Cloud’s parted lips, brushing the tip of his tongue along Cloud’s.
“I like it…Makes yah realize how much has changed, huh…Shit,” Reno said sudden, “I’ve missed you…”

Cloud’s eyes softened. “I’ve missed you too…” He locked his lips with the Turk’s, and slammed up against the Turk’s prostate, hearing Reno’s weak cry inside his mouth that caused his tongue to vibrate slightly against the redhead’s.

He slipped his hand under his body and wrapped it around Reno’s manhood that was dripping pre cum.

Reno thrust up into Cloud’s hand, feeling the foreskin of his manhood slide up against the base of his cock every pump Cloud would give, making the redhead become a squirming moaning mess under the “so-claimed” ex-SOLDIER’s body.

Cloud moaned louder by the feel of Reno’s legs tightening around his waist, causing his manhood to slip as deep as it could into the redhead. He continued to stroke the Turk’s manhood while he pulled away from the kiss, to kiss a trail along the redhead’s neck.

“Don’t leave me again…” Cloud mumbled against the Turk’s neck, not wanting to lose Reno after this one night fling. He didn’t have many people in his life that he cared greatly for. Sure he had Tifa, Barret and the children, but no one he could love like lovers would.

It had been so long since he had been with Reno- Things had changed- He had changed. The time of ageing of over eight years- but he was willing to open his heart to Reno once again.

Reno’s breathing became quicker, hearing Cloud whisper not to leave him again. “I’m gonna- fuck, cum…” Reno moaned, and suddenly cried out as he thrust up hard against Cloud’s hand, feeling his white creamy seed splash over the blond’s hand. He slumped down at the desk, reaching his hand up, and brushed fingers through blond damp spiky locks.

This was nice…he wanted many nights like this one, as well. He figured Cloud was going to rejoin ShinRa after this.
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