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Trapped (Detective Conan, Shinichi/Ran, #12)

Title: Trapped
Fandom: Detective Conan
Author: Amm (SoulSeeker)
Theme: #12—your love is suffocating me
Pairing: Kudo Shinichi/Mouri Ran
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters of Detective Conan—I just play ‘Barbie’ with them, because god knows they’re a lot more fun than real Barbies.
Summary: Ran didn’t know why she couldn’t breathe.

In the bitterness of the icy cold, Ran felt completely and utterly stuck. And she had no idea what to do; what to think, how to operate. All she knew was that she was in big trouble, if she didn’t do something fast.

How did she always manage to get herself into these things?

She tried not to panic. Having been friends with someone like Kudo Shinichi for that long, she was used to the feeling of being in most kinds of danger you could think of, and they would always make it through together. This time, however, she was alone—and she didn’t like that one little bit.

Saving others? Not a problem. Ran was one with quite an altruistic nature, so she had no problems putting herself on the line for her loved ones. Saving herself, however?

She had some doubts.

Already she could feel the panic rising to her throat as she tried to make out her surroundings, but she continuously tried to swallow it down and keep it there. She felt frozen, yet she could still move; hot, yet at the same time cold. Similar to the type of feeling she typically got when she was small and sick, from something like a minor cold, or any deviation thereof.

She flailed her arms, and, they responded as they should have, swaying up and down…only slowly, as if she were submerged in water. It wasn’t normal! Not to mention, the length of said arms were much shorter than usual. And her legs…and her fingers. She was…a child? But how? Her hair was shorter too; she could not see it flowing behind her like normal.

She could breathe though…at least, for a little while, she could. She could even hear herself do so.

Her breaths continued to get shorter and shorter however, until finally, no oxygen could get in at all. But why? Was she trapped? In a box? Had there been no more oxygen? Or perhaps she was snared deep, beneath the surface of a semi-frozen lake; one which she stepped on ignorantly, despite the warnings of thin ice. Had she fallen through? Maybe she needed help.

But no one would hear her.

She felt herself choke, coughing, her lungs gripping at any oxygen they could get. No words came out.

Why can’t I breathe?

Her mind went into a spiral, begging for the answer. It spun, making her feel an overwhelming dizziness, which coupled itself with a crippling headache, induced no doubt by her less-than-desirable predicament. Suddenly, her coughing, which had previously been silent, began to emit sound. It grew exponentially louder; her vision began to fade, and the darkness morphed itself into something more comprehensible.

Her limbs were full-length again; she was eighteen as she should’ve been. Finally, there was scenery she recognized; blankets, pillows and stuffed animals, the window, the moon shining through it…it was his house.

A dream? she asked herself.

It was still dark, but Ran was finally beginning to realize what was happening. She looked at Shinichi beside her in awe, and she wanted to laugh—but she couldn’t. Coughing, she could only manage a smile. No wonder she had felt so trapped.

“Shinichi,” she breathed to wake him up.

A slight moan.


A bit of movement this time. “Mmm…”

“Shinichi!” Ran repeated coarsely in a cough—a little more sternly this time.

What?” came the annoyed grumpy voice from the awoken detective.

“I can’t breathe.”

Sighing, Shinichi half-opened his eyes to meet hers—and immediately they widened.

It took him a minute to take in the scene as a whole and realize what he had to do…but he eventually unwrapped his arms from around Ran’s ribcage and blushed furiously. They had been wrapped around her tightly, almost protectively, as if she were a teddy bear. It was like a barrier, keeping her safe, and…well, not even oxygen could penetrate.

“Sorry,” he murmured.

Ran only giggled, planting a chaste kiss on his forehead to show her forgiveness. She should’ve seen it all coming.

Her head fell against the pillow again, as she let out a slow sigh, and, smiling, she waited eagerly to be taken off to dreamland once more.

Dating Shinichi was going to be one breath-taking experience…

A/N: Awwwwwwww, Ran’s being BAAADDD!!! I’M TELLING KOGORO!!!!

(cough) Anyway…yay for pointless fluff! :D And welcome, articulation, to the 30 Nights challenge community! n.n She’s begun writing the challenge for Heiji and Kazuha, so we finally have the full circle of canon. Check it oouuuttt! W00t! :D

Till next time. Seeeeeeee ya.

Also posted to 40 Nights: Shinichi and Ran, and ammchan, my personal journal.
Tags: detective conan, kudo shinichi/mouri ran
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