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Fandom: Angel Sanctuary
Title: D= I haven't thought of one yet. Give me time.
Author/Artist: winter_ruins
Theme(s): #9 When all hope are is lost
Pairing/Characters: Kira/Katou
Rating: PG-13/Low R
Disclaimer/claimer: Don't own. I'm not creepy enough to be Kaori Yuki.
WARNINGS: Kinda-pedophilia. Uhm... almost rape? Not really. Er... touching when the other party was under the influence of drugs.

The boy was young. He was naive. Oh, he didn’t think that the world was all butterflies and flowers. It wasn’t that he trust blindly. It was just that he didn’t think that there was anything left for him. He was willing to ruin his entire life for a moment of happiness because he didn’t think that there was any life left ahead of him.

“It will make all he pain go away.”

Kira knew this as soon as he saw the boy. The only ones who ever came here were the hopeless, the desperate. The ones who thought they were abandoned by the entire world.

“Just one pill, and the pain will all go away.”

She was especially good at bringing them here. She was alluring, mysterious, the especially young ones always followed her blindly, looking for either adventure or death. Judging by the look on this ones face, he fit into the latter category.

“Mmm, Master.”

Fingers danced across Kira’s chest; lips brushed against his chin. “What are you staring at?” The voice was silky; smooth.

Kira looked at her, an almost bored look in his eyes as he laced his fingers through her blond hair. “Nothing to concern yourself with, Jessica.”

“Elizabeth.” A pout.

“Elizabeth.” He sighed, glancing back to the boy. Usually, he remembered their names. The boy was distracting him.

The boy had taken the pill when Kira wasn’t looking. He wasn’t sure how to react, but chose to kiss Elizabeth’s lips gently (if only to stop her digging her nails deeper into his skin), while still keeping an eye on the boy.

“Come with me.”

The woman brushed a hand across the boys face, and he stood. She hooked a finger in his shirt collar, and began to lead him towards her bedroom.

Kira jumped up (Elizabeth huffed), and began to follow her quickly.

Ki~ra~! We’re not done playing yet!” Elizabeth’s voice was loud and indignant, no longer the seductive purr that it just had been. Kira didn’t care though, he was barely aware she had called after him.

Katou wasn’t aware of much of anything when he followed her down that dark staircase. He would have said he was numb, if it wasn’t for that painful, stabbing, hollow feeling that he had been feeling almost constantly for the past month. He was used to it by now. The feeling had become almost of a companion to him, but that didn’t make it hurt any less. It wasn’t a companion he wanted to keep.

When she had offered him something to rid himself of his new friend, Katou had jumped at the idea. Now he was following her, down a darker staircase. He couldn’t see the bottom, but he wasn’t sure if it was just because it was so far down, or if it was because it was so dark that he could only see her white, white skin in directly in front of him. Even that, eventually disappeared from his sight.

But he felt better. The pain wasn’t there anymore. The hollow feeling still was, but it was slowly being filled. Filled with joy and colours and things he couldn’t even begin to describe.

When he couldn’t hear the loud noises of the hooligans and junkies above him any longer, she slowed down. She was touching him and a hand against his pants and it felt as though there were hands all over his body. She didn’t stop though. She kept leading him down the staircase. Down and down and down until there were no more stairs any more. He didn’t fight her. He didn’t want this, but he didn’t not want it. He could care less. There was a doorway, or what he assumed was a doorway because he still couldn’t see, and she closed it behind him.

Very dim candles burning low were spaced across the room. He could see them reflected in her eyes. He could see the outline of her slim body, and he could see her hands unzipping his pants. They were pulling them down to his knees, and now her fingers were rubbing him hard. Harder. Her lips were against his neck. Her teeth were brushing against his skin, stopping, piercing. He couldn’t scream. He didn’t want to scream. He didn’t know he was supposed to scream.

“Victoria, stop!”

She wasn’t touching him any more.

“What are you doing here?” Her voice was cold, and he felt some of the haze leave his brain just from the sound of it.

He blinked stupidly, trying to get his eyes to adjust to the light, but all he could see was the woman and the silhouette of a man.

“Leave him alone.”

“He’s mine. He’s my prey!”

Katou blinked harder. Something about that sentence didn’t sound right. He tried to work it out in his mind why it didn’t.

Before he could, however, there was a scream and when he looked, she was several feet from where she had been standing, a crumpled heap on the floor.

The man almost seemed to glide to Katou. He stepped very quietly and very smoothly.

Without saying a word, the man knelt down, pulled Katou’s pants up, and zipped them back up. Then his lips were against Katou’s neck, the same place the woman’s had been. Instead of teeth though, he felt a tongue flick against his skin, and his shivered.

He pulled away, held Katou’s face in his hands, and looked into his eyes.

Upon looking closer, Katou realized that the boy wasn’t much older than himself, a year or two at most. He had the oldest eyes Katou had ever seen, and Katou found himself unable to look away from the eyes that were so much darker than his.

“Are you okay?” the man – no, boy – asked.

Katou nodded.

“Should I take you home?”

Katou shook his head.

There was a pause, before the boy asked carefully: “Do you have a home?”

There was an even longer pause, before Katou shook his head.

The boy sighed, and after several long moments, pulled Katou’s arm over his shoulders and supported him back towards the stairs. “You can stay at my place tonight. Tomorrow when you’re sober, I’ll ask you again.”

Katou couldn’t see anything wrong with this plan.
Tags: angel sanctuary, kira/katou
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