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Tomorrow (DC, Heiji/Kazuha, Theme 8)

Fandom: Detective Conan
Title: Tomorrow
Author: articulation
Theme(s): #8, One last date…
Pairing/Characters: Heiji/Kazuha
Rating: PG
Disclaimer/claimer: They’re still not mine.
Summary: Heiji did not appreciate the phone call at one in the morning that woke him.

Heiji did not appreciate the phone call at one in the morning that woke him. Sure, he should have been working on that essay due Monday but a rude intrusion was completely different from procrastinating work. Completely.

“Hello?” he answered gruffly. One woke a sleeping Hattori at his or her own risk.

“Heiji? Have you seen Kazuha?” Kazuha’s father’s voice came across the line worried and nervous. Heiji sat up instantly and grabbed a bit on the phone.

“No. Why? What happened?”

“Well,” Kazuha’s father began shakily, “she went out to get some grocery’s a few hours ago and she never came home. I was beginning to think she went over to visit you and forgot to call.”

“No,” Heiji shook his head, even if the poor man couldn’t see it over the phone, “but I’m going out to look for her. I’ll call you when I find her.” He heard a sigh from the other end of line.

“I’m going out, too. Thank you, Hattori-kun.” A click told him the phone had been hung up. Heiji mumbled something about stupid ahous and started to grab his jacket when he heard a noise from his window.

Confused, he walked towards it only to see a certain brown haired girl throwing rocks at his window. She waved happily when she saw him. After letting out the obligatory angry sigh, Heiji ran downstairs to her.

“Kazuha!” he yelled when he finally reached her, “what the hell do you think you’re doing? Your father’s worried sick!”

Kazuha didn’t even flinch at Heiji’s accusations. She simply smiled sweetly at him and put her hands behind her back. Finaly, after Heiji had had his fill of yelling at her, she opened her mouth to speak.

“Heiji, take me dancing.”

He stared at her blankly for a few moments.


“Take. Me. Dancing.”

“Kazuha, it’s one o’clock in the morning.”

“There are still clubs open.”

“You’re father’s worried sick about you.”

“We’ll call him later.”

“Kazuha, this isn’t like you.” Her eyes opened dangerously wide.

“Heiji, please.”

He muttered for awhile before saying to wait a second, he needed to put shoes on. She smiled brightly and followed him to the kitchen where she waited patiently. He stomped up the stairs, trying to show his annoyance with her through the action. She smiled wider.

When he was ready, they got on his motorcycle and headed towards town. There were only a few places open to seventeen year olds this late at night but luckily one was pretty close. The lights were low, the music was loud enough, and the mood could even be called romantic, if one were paying attention to such things.

Neither Kazuha nor Heiji was quite dressed for dancing but neither seemed to care. While still a little annoyed with her, Heiji couldn’t help but lead his best friend onto the dance floor. Of course, right when they were about to dance, the music changed, a slow song. Heiji momentarily froze until he felt Kazuha guide his hands to the appropriate positions. He took it from there.

Gliding was nice. And really, she didn’t look too bad. A tee shirt and jeans was no ballgown but, in Heiji’s honest opinion, she almost looked better that way. She looked like Kazuha. He smiled.

“That’s the first smile I’ve seen out of you all night,” a voice murmured.

“If you drag me out of my house at one in the morning, of course I’m going to be angry,” he whispered back softly. “This is nice, though. We should come again.”

“Yeah,” Kazuha whispered. “Again.”

They fell back into a gentle rhythm. If you asked him later, Heiji would not be able to say how he managed to actually dance without tripping over his own two feet but miracles seemed to happen. After an hour or so of dancing, though, Kazuha seemed tired.

“Ready for me to take you home?” Kazuha looked up, alarmed.

“No! I mean, aren’t you hungry?”

“Kazuha, it’s two thirty in the morning.”

“…I’m sure somewhere’s open.”

And that’s how the two ended up in a Denny’s, eating pancakes or, in Heiji’s case, coffe only, at four thirty.

“Kazuha, this has been fun. Really. But I’m tired. Can we go home?” She let out a long suffering sigh.

“You never could stay up late.” He snorted.

“I get enough sleep, night owl.” She wasn’t even paying attention, though. They payed for their food and meandered their way home.

Parked in front of Kazuha’s house, she stared thoughfully upwards towards her door. Heiji watched her for a second before asking gruffly, “What? You aren’t going in?”

She turned towards him and he noticed her cheeks were tear stained.

“Kazuha? What’s wrong?” He wasn’t good at handling crying girls but he knew they shouldn’t stay crying. He watched as she came closer to him. He watched as she put her arms around him and felt his own arms snaking around her. And he watched as she lifted her lips to his.

He had always thought that he would be the one to initiate their first kiss (not that he thought it would ever really happen, mind you). He didn’t, however, have any problem with this. After a moment of shock, he returned the kiss full force. There was a longing, a needing to grasp something beyond each of their reaches.

She finally pulled away and caught his eyes. All he could do was stare at how the moon gleamed in hers.

“I love you, Heiji.”

Simple words but they caught his breath. He didn’t even know that men did that. But he watched her, tears welling up in the corners of her eyes and emotions he was never completely sure he had overcame him.

“I love you, too.”

She smiled at him, running back to his arms for one last embrace. He didn’t want to let go. But she pulled out of his arms and walked towards her home. When she reached the doorstep, she turned around.

“See you tomorrow.”

He smiled at her brightly.

“Yeah, if I ever wake up. See you tomorrow, ‘zuha.”

Heiji entered his house to the sound of pacing feet. Entering the living room, he saw his father sitting still in his arm chair as his mother paced to and fro. At the sight of him, however, she rushed towards him, tears in her eyes, pulling him into a huge hug.

“Oh, Heiji. Where have you been?”

“Out. Why? Is everything okay?” His father coughed.

“A little after two, a phone call came for you. It was Kazuha’s father.” His face turned stonelike. “She was found in an alleyway behind a corner market.”

Heiji felt an ache start up in his stomach but he ignored it. “…What?”

“They think it was a mugger. She didn’t have any money on her, just her groceries. He … Oh, Heiji,” and his mother was in sobs again.

All Heiji could do was stare straight ahead and think of Kazuha’s face. Her words rang in his head.

“See you tomorrow.”

Author’s Note: A combination of two ideas I had for this prompt. One was Heiji doing the “already dead date” thing and another of Older!Heiji and Kazuha and Kazuha wanting him to take her dancing before she died. And kablaam! They became one! And for once in my life, I wrote an omake. Enjoy. xD


St. Michael had never been so terrified.

“What do you mean he killed me?!” the outraged girl yelled. “I haven’t even gone on my first date yet! I haven’t been kissed! And now I’m dead?!?!

“Well…um…” he tried to strangle out.

“Oh, no. You are going to let me go back down there and ask Heiji out. You are.”

There was no way in Heaven he could deny her. Not when she had a stranglehold like that.
Tags: detective conan, heiji hattori/kazuha toyama
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